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Meet the Team


Rachana Mudipalli


Rachana graduated from Stanford in 2022 with a BS in Bioengineering, where she was an undergraduate researcher in the Deisseroth lab. She is currently a life science research professional in the Satpathy Lab at the Stanford School of Medicine where she does immunogenomics research. Rachana has served as a science mentor to elementary and middle school students through Stanford Science in Service, the mentorship program at the primary school, and as a tutor through the A Little Joy Foundation. Outside of science, she enjoys singing, biking, and exploring the California coastline.


Sid Dhawan

Founder of OM Foundation Initiative
Head of Partnerships

Sid is a Senior in Bioengineering who is passionate about teaching and science outreach. His research involves developing genome editing tools for neuroscience and studying cochlear mechanotransduction at the molecular level. He also works as a peer counselor at the Bridge a crisis responder for THRIVE Lifeline, and a hospice volunteer at Sutter Health. He is excited to bring his experiences working as a teaching assistant at Stanford to support DST’s mission.


Kellen Vu

Multimedia Director

Kellen is a senior at Stanford majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Computer Science. He is passionate about making science education more engaging and accessible. He currently works as a Podcast Engineer for a medical education nonprofit, where he produces educational content for healthcare professionals and students. His research focuses on understanding the neural mechanisms responsible for cerebellum-dependent learning, to gain insight on how the brain acquires and refines motor skills.


Amanda Meyer

Head of Mentor Development

Amanda is a senior studying Biology with a concentration in Biochemistry and Biophysics. She is interested in how biochemistry can help us solve human health and environmental issues, and she loves to share her love of science with others! In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors with her friends.


Fadie Arabo

Head of Operations

Fadie is a Stanford freshman interested in biology. He hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. He loves to learn about new things and advancements in technology. In his free time, Fadie enjoys traveling and trying new foods.


Tatum La

Head of Curriculum Development

Tatum is a junior majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Biomedical Innovation and Communication. She is passionate about developing creative digital solutions and making medical knowledge more accessible to the public. Outside of medicine, she is interested in everything from art and social media to design and entrepreneurship. She has been volunteering with DST since Fall 2021 and loves sharing science with the local community. In her free time, she enjoys experimenting with fashion and making sushi.


Aubrey Lemer

STEM Mentor

Aubrey is a junior studying chemistry on a pre-med track. Her academic interests include neuroscience, virology, and organic synthesis. She is a chemistry tutor and has participated in other science mentorship programs in the past. Aubrey also enjoys spending time in nature, exploring new music, playing piano/guitar, and creating art.

Our Team: Meet the Team
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