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Our Mission

Discovering Science Together is an initiative of  Stanford University science and engineering students.  Our mission is make individualized science experiences and mentorship widely available to students across Bay Area. This program create the time for regular, sustained science investigation and a platform for the student-mentor interactions that play a critical role in the development of a young scientist. It integrates learning between the home and school environment, 
empowers students to be scientists every day. We have been working in partnership with The Primary School since Spring 2021.

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Om Foundation Partnership 

Discovering Science Together has forged its first international collaboration with the OM Foundation school ( in New Delhi, India. The OM Foundation School primarily serves low-income students on the outskirts of New Delhi. As part of this initiative, we provide weekly hands-on science lessons and mentorship to students in grades 8 and 9. We supply students with science kits and guide them as they complete hands-on science experiments via Zoom. These lessons supplement the students’ middle school curriculum and encourage them to relate their science coursework to their everyday experiences and future career paths. The DST Team is excited to share its passion for science and education with students across borders and is actively looking for volunteers to join this initiative!

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What We Do


Individualized Curriculum and Science Kit Development 

Making science special for each student

During an initial meeting with the student, the mentor will get to know the mentee's interests, hobbies, and questions they may be interested in exploring through science. Based on this initial meeting, the mentor will work with support staff at Discovering Science Together to design science kits with materials for experiments matched to the student's interests. All of the experiments in the kits can easily be done in a home environment and allow students to explore science in ways it commonly appears in their lives. Each kit comes with a tailored curriculum connecting experiments to students' experiences/interests and placing kit experiments into a cohesive narrative framework.

Kit Delivery 

Getting materials to students so they can get to exploring

Kits are delivered to students quickly and no cost. So, students can get started on their science journey as seamlessly as possible.

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One-on-one mentorship with STEM mentors

Building connections to support young scientists on their journey

We connect students with a trained undergraduate/graduate/postdoctoral student science mentor who will virtually guide them through an experiment each week. From their background as Stanford science and engineering students and the pedagogical training and resources provided by Discovering Science Together, mentors will be prepared to ask mentees questions that engage their initial understanding and to guide them in asking questions of their own, making hypotheses and observations, suggesting explanations for observed phenomena.

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"A big part of engaging kids in science is not getting the single, correct answer; it's being willing to work with students to discover the correct answer."

Mae Jemison

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